About us

Termoimpianti L.t.d company with the location in Tirana /Albania gatherin their best features on the construction of motorboats. This developed motorboat slides through the waves and allows a quick and smooth gliding, achieving top performance as an enjoyable navigation at cruising speed. Our designed motorboats satisfy all sea lovers and fishing looking for a stylish with a mix of comfort sensation that will take our boat experiences to the next levels.

Aimed for sea, Termoimpianti boat merges unprecedented habitability in its walkaround desk with different seating areas offering safety and protection on board. Numerous design details for exploring the sea and fishering use purposes give our boats unique style and great personality. A boat created to enjoy the best sea adventures like never before. Our motor boats models are in compliance with the essential safety requirements and in accordance with ISO reference standards.

  • Design category “C”
  • Valuation module “A”
  • Length of hulls: 8.36m
  • Beams: 2.84m
  • Structural depths: 1.24m
  • Light craft conditions mass: 2700kg
  • Loaded displacement: 3.80t
  • Maximum number of persons permitted on board: 8
  • Maximum motor power: 230cv
  • Fuel diesel tank: 330lt
  • Maximum load (including persons): 680kg
  • Stability ,buoyancy and flotation checked and tested according to the roles in order.
  • Appropriate and potential downflooding openings comply with ISO requirements.Downflooding height verification in maximum load condition. Internal arrangements facilitate the drainage of water to bilge suction points.
  • Direct visual inspection,transparent panels ,bilge alarms and automatic bilge pumps.
  • Verification of watertightness of the cockpit and resistance to waves.
  • Into the hull is the roller assembly for the anchor to be operated and stored (anchor, rope, locker).
  • Made in Albania.

Inside the boat's cabin you can find a fresh water sanitary system with water tanks distribution lines and distribution automatic pressure electropumps. The tank is filled through a cabled plate located in the gunnel. The fresh water stream is flowing from each faucet installed in the head compartment sink, removable shower and separated marine toilet cabin. Most water is drained by gravity in the hull sides above the water line and a macerator discharges an automatic pulip .

The gallery is equipped with a fresh water sink and a dual gas burner stove and inside the boat's cabin is a matrimonial bed(alla francese). It is a nice restyling of the famous 7.50 calafuria, the hull has been slightly elongated to make the bow wheel work more when the sea is formed, the pony has been raised slightly to obtain a more agile passage to go to the bow .

The VTR deckhouse with small roll bar for fishing rods at rest, internal and external led lights n ° 2 batteries, battery charger, 1000 w winch stainless steel with anchor and chain, pantograph wiper, VHF stereo car radio with GPS cartographic antenna, bow and stern cameras to facilitate moorings, hydraulic steering engine instrumentation supplied by the house, large rudder bilge pumps etc. The boat is located in Albania and is always visible, if interested the owner of the yard offers (air flight, food and accommodation).